Photo Management

One of the major disappointments I’ve had with Google’s discontinued projects, is it’s failing to continue support for Picasa 3. I still find it the best, easiest to use program for my purposes, which is mostly to organize all my digital photos systematically by date in one place. As long is it continues to work, I will use it. I have even kept the installation .exe file to set it up on a new computer, which has been useful three times already this year.

There are two other apps that I need to use to get all photos in the same place. They are Google Photos (including Google Drive) and Verizon Cloud. Both are helpful in moving files from our cellphone and iPads to our main computer, where all can be organized by Picasa. At one time I did use One Drive also, but have discontinued using it completely because I prefer other online storage options.

When it comes to manipulating a picture, I use Microsoft Paint, but I use it so rarely that I will simply mention it here and not go into any detail.

For the most part, my working with photos, as one can see from the above notes, is pretty rudimentary. Nevertheless, I find these apps essential to my computer use.


Software Overview

In the next series of posts, I intend to discuss some of the software programs (these days called ‘apps’) I have used in the past or continue to use regularly, if not daily. I will group them by type or purpose and write separate posts for each group.

These are the groups I’ve decided upon, at least for now:

  • Security
  • Browsers
  • Mail
  • Productivity
  • Photo Management
  • Utility
  • Communication

Most people use software in each of these groups, but some of what I have encountered and use (or used) for specific purposes might be new to the reader.