Minecraft Mods

Note: In this post, I use the word ‘mods’ loosely to mean any modification of the default version of Minecraft.

For a long time, I never changed anything other than tweaking a few settings of the default version of Minecraft. Then one of my grandsons introduced me to a few mods he used and I liked them enough to try them.

The one I currently find most useful, OptiFine, is really a modified ‘version’ of Minecraft. It requires installation and then appears in the list of versions available in the Minecraft launcher. I use it mostly to improve the performance of the game, especially increasing the FPS (frames per second). A few other features are also useful, particularly the way a torch lights up the area when selected in the hotbar – handy in caves!

Recently I started using some resource packs again. The first one I added, Dramatic Skies, modifies the clouds, sun, and moon to be more realistic looking. The clouds look like real clouds and the sun and moon appear round instead of the standard square block in the sky. It works best when the default Minecraft clouds setting is turned off so the regular Minecraft cloud blocks do not get in the way.

More recently I decided to look for one of the other resource packs I used a long time ago to see if it had an updated version. Unfortunately, the one I used to use exclusively (along with OptiFine) is no longer up to date. In fact, the last Minecraft version R3D CRAFT works with is 1.12. That dates to 2017. Whoever developed it has obviously moved on. I’m still disappointed because it was so good.

The other resource pack I used sometimes when the R3D CRAFT mod needed updating was ‘Faithful’. It improved the default visual look of the blocks, etc. while still keeping the basic Minecraft look. In searching for it again, I found and tried Faithful HD512, because I thought an HD version would be the best, but I did not really like some of the textures. So, after looking at six or seven other resource packs at resourcepack.net, I finally settled on Faithful 32×32 because it appears to be the same as what I remember, but updated for the latest Minecraft version.

Over the years, I’ve tried various other resource packs, but have settled on these as the best for my visual enjoyment for now.


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