Windows 11

The latest version of Windows is now here. I first read about its planned release on The Verge a few months ago and have seen many articles since describing its new features as well as some of the things lost from Windows 10.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft is rolling out the upgrade invitations slowly. My understanding right now is new computers are the top priority. After a recent Windows update, I received notification that my gaming laptop meets the minimum hardware/security standards and eventually will receive an invitation to upgrade.

After using the Microsoft tool to check, I found that my desktop computer does not have the needed hardware for it. That is not surprising, since its motherboard dates back to 2010. I’ve already decided not to even try the work-arounds to install Windows 11 on it.

So, I’ve begun to look for a new desktop computer. I’m in no rush, though. I want to upgrade to Windows 11 on the laptop first, use it for a while to get used to it, and then decide if it is worth buying a new desktop right away. It is entirely possible I will just wait until the old motherboard eventually stops working.

For now, I’m watching and waiting.


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