Civ VI Civilization Mods

Having never before used any mods of civilizations (those not available in the Firaxis builds), I decided to try one.

Sukritact’s Ingolfur Arnarson (Iceland) was my first foray into that genre of mods. It was somewhat fun to see a different set of features, but in this particular case it might not have been the best choice, as I do not particularly enjoy working toward a Culture victory and a significant benefit of this mod was receiving multiple Great Works of Writing.

For my second try I played Sukritact’s Oson (Akan) and I found myself forgetting to take advantage of the unique attributes and eventually won pretty much the same way as I typically do.

I may search out some other possibilities, but will definitely pay closer attention to the attributes, and possibly try another that more or less plays into my preference of either Science or Diplomatic victory focus.


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