Windows 10 App Issues

It was when the Minecraft launcher failed to install that I discovered six other apps, including To Do, were also stuck. They apparently were part of an automatic update that went on in the background unknown to me. Since I use To Do all the time for lists as well as reminders of items to do, I wanted to get that figured out as soon as possible.

At first it appeared the problem might be in the Microsoft Store app, since that is where the apps showed as stuck. So, I tried closing and reopening it; I tried logging in with different Microsoft accounts, all to no avail. Online help suggested some options for fixing the store, so I tried them. Even resetting it did not work. Finally, I tried uninstalling To Do in hopes a fresh install would fix it at least. Unfortunately, it just uninstalled To Do but would not reinstall it properly – still stuck in the store “pending”. After that, I knew I had to get serious about fixing the whole problem because I needed to have To Do back on the desktop.

Ultimately, the only thing I could think of was to do a system restore of Windows to a previous point a few days earlier. I had to go online to get help remembering how to do that, but finally did a system restore. It turned out I actually had to do it twice, because the first time it failed. The failure notice indicated the failure was probably due to antivirus software running and to temporarily disable that and try again. So, I disabled Malwarebytes and Windows Security and tried again. What actually happened next was Windows had to cancel the first restore attempt and when that was done it automatically restored Windows to the latest restore point.

To my amazement, that did the trick. All the apps (minus the new Minecraft Launcher I had stopped/cancelled) were updated and working fine without any warning notices of “updates in progress” or “this app may need to restart”. I was expecting to have to do another restore to days earlier.

I am still not completely sure if the stuck store issue was caused by the Windows 10 Cumulative Updates or the messed-up Minecraft launcher. Either way, I am glad to have To Do back and working as well as ever.

I’m kind of not impressed with Microsoft right now given they own Minecraft and the other apps. Whatever happened was a massive coding failure and I’m not anywhere close to trying to install the new Minecraft launcher again anytime soon.


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