Windows 11 – Early Use

It has been about a month since installing Window 11 on my laptop and for the most part, I’ve found the transition fairly seamless. With the notable exception of the Minecraft Launcher crash, the majority of my experience to date is very much the same as before.

I am still getting used to some interface differences, though. For example, I have to adjust my habitual expectations when I right click on files to access the action options. What used to be a simple list, is now a mixture of list and buttons. It is taking me a while to remember the button icons so it slows me down, but I’m sure over time they’ll become second nature.

One feature I was hoping a future update would improve is the start screen. Although the most recent update increased it a little bit, it still is smaller than the Windows 10 version and therefore allows for fewer tiles (shortcuts) to open various apps. I used that extensively (expanded start menu) in Windows 10 and now I find I do not have enough slots for the number of apps I use regularly enough to warrant a shortcut, but not so often that I want the shortcut on the task bar. I should note here my idiosyncrasy – I do not like ANYTHING on the desktop, so that means I rely on the start menu and task bar for quick access.

One tweak I made immediately was to move the task bar icons to the left side. I do not like them in the center.

The different look of notifications in the lower right corner of the screen is also a bit annoying. It is cluttered by the calendar showing each time I check the notifications. So far, I have not found a way to change that other than to minimize the full month view of the calendar to show just the current date. I don’t mind (even like) having the time/date show on the task bar, but I do not want the calendar to pop up every time there is a notification to see.

Overall, I like the general look of Windows 11 better than 10.


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