Utility Software

Sometimes specialized software is essential for accomplishing certain tasks. Currently I use some regularly and others sporadically.

Since I use backup drives (WD USB) on both my computers, I find the WD Smartware and Quick View apps to be useful for management of the backup process. It allows me to set the frequency of and times for executing the backups.

Because I use various Intel products, the Intel Driver and Support Assistant is helpful. In one check it analyzes all drivers and indicates which need to be updated.

Similar is the Razer Synapse that I use primarily to check for updates. It is much more than an update app allowing for many customized settings of the sophisticated gaming mouse, but I don’t use any of that in my gaming.

When I rented my own Minecraft servers, FileZilla was the go-to program for backing up, uploading or downloading files, etc. Since I no longer have servers, it very rarely gets use now, although I try to keep it updated to the latest version.

Finally, FoneTrans was at one time the only way I could move files, especially photos, from our iPads to the Windows-based computers. Now, the latest versions of Windows 10 have made it possible to do that without use of dedicated software. (I used FoneTrans because after having major problems with Apple iTunes, I vowed never to install or use it again.) It caused a full computer crash requiring a complete reboot of Windows 10 back when I had just upgraded from Windows 7 to 10.

I suspect there are many other utility programs that are useful to many, but currently these are what I use.



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