Communication Software

Discord has become the primary program I use for audio and video calls. Most often it is used audio only during gaming, but over the holidays the video was nice for connecting with family far away.

We used to use Facetime because we all had one or more Apple products, but I think Discord might be a bit better quality overall. We probably still will use Facetime at some point when it is most convenient, but because Discord runs on all platforms, we used it this time so we could use a larger screen.

I use Tweet Deck daily to see all of my Twitter accounts simultaneously. It has been very reliable and so I rarely use Twitter only on my pc’s. On my cellphone, occasionally I will use the Twitter app switching from one account to another as I read. I am almost exclusively a lurker on Twitter and use several accounts for easier management of the different topics of interest to me. However, the primary exception to my lurking is auto-Tweeting the posts of this Tech Muddler blog. That is one way to follow this blog without manually checking the website regularly. One can also follow via email or RSS feed.

Skype used to be the primary program for audio during gaming, but the interface changed so much with Windows 10, I became disenchanted with it. Also, my grandsons introduced me to Discord, which seems to provide better sound quality, so that is now what we use.



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