Saga of the Mice

Over many years of using computers, I have migrated from keyboard input only to a brief test of the early Mac mouse (never owned a Mac, but did try one out on loan), to various PC mouse choices.

Early on I just bought the mouse that came with the computer (e.g. Hewlett Packard) and never thought much about it. If one eventually quit working, I just bought a cheap replacement.

At some point, I decided to try a wireless mouse, especially for use with a laptop and convenient for travel. I bought an early Logitech and liked it, so bought a second one for my desktop computer. Eventually, I decided the cost of replacing batteries was not really worth the convenience, especially for the desktop, so quit using them.

After seeing a gaming mouse in operation, owned by one of my grandsons, I decide to invest in one. It was a Razer Death Adder. Unfortunately, I had problems with it – the left button malfunctioned – but fortunately it was still on warranty so it was replaced at no cost. When the replacement also ended up with a similar problem, this time after the warranty ran out, I decided it was not worth messing with anymore since I never really used the extra buttons and features for gaming anyway. So, I bought a basic Microsoft wired mouse again.

Recently my cheap Microsoft mouse began to fail, so while I was deciding what to buy next, I tried using my Logitech wireless mouse again. As before, the batteries did not last very long. Since I use it for many hours every day, that is not a surprise.

I intended to just buy another cheap wired mouse, but found none available in stores close to where I live, so looked online and found a new Logitech gaming mouse for less than $20 and decided to try that one.

So far so good.

(I still have not found a use for the extra buttons with Minecraft or Civ VI, though).


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