Although not as regularly played as Minecraft and Civ VI, the two war games I have continue to provide occasional entertainment. World of Tanks and World of Warships were introduced to me by the grandsons several years ago. We did some teaming up in remote play, but less of that with these games than others.

Even though World of Tanks was the first one released, the first game I played in this genre was World of Warships. Possibly because it was the first war game I played, it is my preference of the two, but I tend to be better at it also. I find it difficult to stay alive in Tanks, especially at my current level!

I decided early on to focus on the mid-size in both games, so in Warships I have mostly moved up the cruiser line, with a few attempts using other ships. In Tanks I also have tried a couple of other tank sizes, but I like the combination of mobility and relative strength of the medium tanks. Currently my highest levels are VIII in Warships (Cleveland) and VI in Tanks (Sherman). In both games the highest level is X, so I have a long way to go and likely will never really get there because it takes so much experience at each level to gain enough points to move up a level and I don’t play either game all that often.

This genre of game is not particularly interesting to me, but these two games provide a diversion when needed.


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